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Drum Room

Drum Room A drum room can be essentially a training space, or part of a home recording studio. Drum room elements can incorporate soundproofing, temperature control, drifting floor or concentrated wiring. Read more
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Recording Hall

Recording Hall A Recording Hall is a particular office for recording and blending of instrumental or vocal melodic exhibitions, expressed words, and different sounds. Read more
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Editing Studio

Editing Studio Editing Studio is a committed room where you can alter sound and visual material, for example, web recordings, meetings, and talks (and that's just the beginning!) with simple to utilize hardware and programming. Read more
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Mastering Room

Mastering Room The main hardware in a dominating studio is the room and playback framework. Discernment is principal in dominating and what the designer is seeing, prompts on the changes that might should be made to yield the best outcomes for our clients. Read more
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Arrangement Studio

Arrangement Studio the best sound specialists to record, alter and blend constant sound Seven Paradise Studio. Every one works intimately with their clients catch their best solid. Read more
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